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We are a support organization for specialty coffee growers all over the world seeking to expand their global scope and accessibility within the specialty coffee industry.  Our mission at the ECC is to carefully and ethically source the most extraordinary coffee from various captivating origins and connect them to specialty coffee buyers and direct trade roasters all over the world. 

Connecting Coffee Growers & Buyers Through One Common Bond


We are continuously developing long-term, sustainable relationships with our partnered coffee producers to help resolve their concerns of the lack of agricultural & economic resources to market & sell their specialty coffee at fair pricing. 

Transparency & Traceability

We provide our clients with pertinent data and information that accurately identifies the coffee's origin, as well as the transparency of FOB pricing to ensure a desired compensation returns to the farmers for their work and livelihoods.


The ECC is dedicated to improving the social conditions of the coffee-growing regions in which we partner with to the best of our abilities by providing donation programs and service projects suited towards the areas of need. 

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