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Region: Huehuetenango

Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon

Elevation: 1450-2050 sq ft

Processed: Washed, Natural, Honey


The Finca Palo Blanco belongs to the Ovalle family since 1990 and is framed in the category of small private farm. Its production has varied from the beginning as it has been constantly renewed and currently has several certification seals that make it special and
unique in the region. Due to its topographic conditions, it receives the warm air from the lower parts of the Democracy and allows its harvest to be carried forward during the
months of February and March. Located in the municipality of La Democracia, department of
Huehuetenango at 55 km. Its altitude ranges between 1400 masl. up to 2050 meters above sea level. The average rainfall is 1.5 meters per year. It has loam soils and in spite of the height and its topographic conditions besides being at the end of the canyon where hot air comes from the lower parts of Democracia y la Libertad,  Huehuetenango, produces one of the best coffees at an early stage. of the country,









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