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Varietals: Pacamara, Bourbon

Elevation: 1750-1950 sq ft

Processed: Washed, Natural, Honey


Let us journey to the eastern part of El Salvador in to the beautiful region of Tecapa/Chinameca to discover the enriched, carefully-cultivated pacamara and bourbon coffee varietals produced by Domingo Antonio Monterossa Ramirez and his team at Finca El Gallinero. 


The farm is located at 4100 feet on 37 acres of land and this third-generation family of coffee growers have been growing specialty coffee since 1970 and ready to share their coffee with the rest of the world. 










**NOTE** Email for all samples (100 grams roasted or 250 grams green).  Sign up here for the latest on pre-shipment samples, new arrivals, events and more.

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