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Farm: Various 

Region: Oromia, 

Varietals: Guji. Yigarcheffe, Jimma, Sidamo, Geisha

Elevation: 1350-1750 sq ft

Processed: Washed, Natural, Honey, Exp


EGSA Coffee from Ethiopia, the origin of coffee is a trading company established to exports green coffee, both washed & unwashed to several destinations around the world.  Unlike most other coffee exporters, EGSA Coffee has its own 450 hectors of coffee farm land in the birth place of Arabican Coffee Bonga in Keffa the ancient name for the part of the present-day Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ State region in which Bonga lies.

Processing, of course, also plays a significant part in what makes EGSA’s coffees distinct—both distinctly Ethiopian, as well as distinct from other producers, washed or natural. This and our own coffee farm of 450 hectors allow us so supply our own specialty coffee where we handle all the processes of preparing, packaging and shipping of quality coffees that are prepared washed and sundried of variety grades of coffee in particular the Sidamo & Yirgacheffe Coffee.

As a family business with over half a century experience in the coffee industry, our mission is to offer the complete solution in the supply chain of the coffee industry, supporting café owners, green buyers, importers and roasting companies that want to purchase pure organic green coffee beans produced on the best sources for competitive costs.


On top of our fifty years plus experience in the coffee industry, EGSA Coffee has its own 450 hectors of coffee farm and eight sun-dried and washing processing stations in Yirgachefe, Guji and Kochere that are found in the southern part of Ethiopia, where the best quality coffees are being produced. In addition to this EGSA Coffee owns its own transportation and warehousing in different parts of Ethiopia. This allows EGSA Coffee to reduce the supply chain in the coffee buying process and supply specialty washed/unwashed and sun-dried coffees from these locations on time for a discounted price. Enjoy!

**NOTE** Email for all samples (100 grams roasted or 250 grams green).  Sign up here for the latest on pre-shipment samples, new arrivals, events and more.

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