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Our Philosophy

The ECC was created to assist specialty coffee growers with the marketing & selling of their coffee to various global markets, as well as provide information and resources to help improve their offerings with each harvest.

Hand-selected, organic sourcing of our global coffee partners.

Each partner will be considered active members of the fair trade community and given assistance to process, market, and export their coffee, but also maintain full independence in their internal decision-making process.

We require our farmers to produce high-quality, specialty coffee which in turn deserves a significant price premium for coffees rated with a SCA score of 86+ and above.  In addition,  we gather and share information on industry trends, different fermentation and post-harvest processes from farmers globally to increasingly inspire and incentivize them to produce quality specialty coffee year after year.  

Commodity-referenced pricing doesn't cover the full cost of production. 

FOB prices typically should cover any milling costs, packaging, and transportation costs, but  more often than not these costs are not acknowledged or included by the buyer when purchasing at direct trade.  Hence, the proper compensation of the FOB prices does not make it back to its origin and doesn't allow farmers to cover their costs of production. 

We are working to make a change and ensure those costs are included so that it doesn't minimize the amount the producers are receiving for them and their livelihoods.  We also prefer to use tiered pricing for our green specialty coffees based on variables that include the quality levels and SCA score of the cupping for each harvest, the lot sizes for each varietal, as well as the elevations and growing regions that the coffee comes from.

Creating win-win situations for overall success along the value chain.

We source seasonally for our specialty coffee buyers and direct trade roasters, keeping our selection fresh and fluid in order to supply coffee buyers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  

Quality control is an art unto itself within Equatorial Coffee Consultants. Prior to each harvest, we visit each partner to review production results and to encourage best picking, handling and wet processing practices.

Weekend Market
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