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Region: Boquete, Chiriqui

Varietals: Gesha, Typica

Elevation: 1,400-1,700 masl

Processes: Washed, Natural, Honey


This is a fourth generation Family Coffee Estate business located in the agricultural valley of Boquete, Panama. The charming town of Boquete is a renowned origin for specialty coffee farming; surrounded by mountains, beautiful cloud forests and rich volcanic soils that provide an ideal environment for coffee farming.


As producers we focus on establishing and following the highest quality control standards to maintain optimal coffee plantations and improve our processes at the mill, in order to achieve both consistent production levels and cup profiles. We take pride in highlighting the role family and specifically women have had and continue to have in our coffee journey. We are passionate about coffee and enjoy being part of the coffee industry: we are in coffee and work in coffee.


**NOTE** Email for all samples (100 grams roasted or 250 grams green).  Sign up here for the latest on pre-shipment samples, new arrivals, events and more.

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