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The ECC is focused on assisting buyers/roasters in discovering the purchase strategy that is best suited for your business. Feel free to contact us via e-mail at with any inquiries about the various options that are offered.  


Sampling is encouraged in order to better understand the different coffees you are looking to expand and/or  upgrade your coffee selection for your business. 


We ask that all payments for new clients is in advance of the coffee release, and can be completed with cash, check, cashier’s checks, credit cards, electronic fund transfer, or wire transfer. There are limited minimum purchase requirements depending on a particular coffee's availability. For more inquiries, please contact us for further details.  


Please inquire about all coffee prices by sending us an email.  Since our pricing is determined by ensuring the FOB price covers all of the growers' production costs before receiving a fair profit, pricing may vary with each grower. For current pricing, please e-mail us at  

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