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Region: Nyaruguru, Kigali

Varietals: Bourbon

Elevation: 1750-1900 masl

Processes: Washed, Natural, Honey


After 15 years of experience in the Rwandan specialty coffee industry, Our partner and his  family made the decision to buy and set up their own four washing stations. The location and specific management of each station itself in unique flavor profiles. The family develops their own grading system and is continuously experimenting with washed, honeys, and naturals. All year round they work together with local coffee producers to support them on the field and financially, so as to produce the best coffee, and boost quality, year after year. 

The Humure Washing Station is named after the highest hill in the region. What is special about this station is that it is entirely managed by women.After washing the coffee, the water is being pumped up and back on the hill for usage.  Fugi washing station is located in the southern province of Rwanda at an altitude of 1550m. Emmanuel and his family experiment with washed, naturals and honeys to push boundaries and improve their quality each year.  Bugoyi washing station is located in the western province on the shore of Lake Kivu. At Bugoyi, Emmanuel and his family process mainly washed and naturals, characterized by their full bodies and fruity notes.  Although Muzo is the smallest of all washing stations, the finest coffees are produced there. It is located in the hilly region of Gakenke district, which is known for its high-quality coffee and complex flavors.  


​After many cuppings and some very extraordinary coffees, he has  twelve beautiful lots processed at his washing stations: Fugi, Muzo, Humure and Bugoyi. All four washing stations differ in size and location, Enjoy! 

**NOTE** Email for all samples (200 grams roasted or 250 grams green).  Sign up here for the latest on pre-shipment samples, new arrivals, events and more.

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