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Region: Manakhah District

Varietals: Multiple Selections

Elevation: 1350-1750 sq ft

Processed: Washed, Natural, Honey, Exp


Yemen coffee is a drink that is dripping with history, Manakha is the region where coffee is an industry first grew from nothingness to world prominence, and the roots of the coffee culture it contains are as deep as they get.  Manakha Coffee ensures that he is producing coffee that is just as prolific as it once was in the ancient times, where this particular region maintained a respected position amongst some of the best coffee-growing nations of the world.

Here are the different coffee varietals that we provide:
1- Harazi - Isma'eily
2- Hewari
3- Haymi
4 - Anesi
5- Khawlani




**NOTE** Email for all samples (100 grams roasted or 250 grams green).  Sign up here for the latest on pre-shipment samples, new arrivals, events and more.

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